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Decentralized Documentation of Workshop Events with Blockchain

Blockchain technology as a combination of existing technologies including encryption, decentralized data management and consensus building was introduced 2008 (Nakamoto 2008). It is the underlying core mechanism for Bitcoin and was first implemented in 2009. Blockchain is characterized by its decentralization, anonymity, auditability, persistency and therefore its ability to save costs and improve efficiency (Zheng et al. 2017). Today, blockchain technology is broadly considered a promising technology that can be applied to manifold applications beyond cryptocurrencies (Androulaki et al. 2018; Zheng et al. 2017). Due to the transparency and redundancy of blockchain, previously required intermediaries become obsolete. This enables the


From R scripts to shiny applications – use case in the spare parts business

From R scripts to shiny applications – use case in the spare parts business How we developed a system of eight shiny applications for more than 500 users worldwide starting with a single R script The main benefits of using R compared to other languages are speed and handling of large data sets. That’s the cause why we started the implementation of pricing models for one of our customers in R in 2010. Today, this customer runs a shiny server with eight shiny applications for more than 500 users. Image 1 depicts the architecture of the shiny applications and internal


Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! Opremic solutions GmbH is a company that stands for successful IT services, consulting and training projects around the fields revenue management, pricing, sales, supply chain management and operations research. We combine expert IT development- and broad industry know-how, enabling us to offer sustainable and individual IT solutions and services to our customers around the globe. Our team consists of highly diversified experts and we will be happy to share some of our expertise and insights with you. This blog will be the place to share news, experiences and present interesting trends and research related to our projects and