If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.Albert Einstein, Physicist

Ever tried to evaluate the impact of pricing-, product-, market- or strategy changes for your business up front? Our simulation solution consists of a highly sophisticated replica of a revenue management system including all features such as forecasting, optimization and inventory control which enables our customers to test various scenarios in a risk-free environment and therefore don’t jeopardize their revenues by impacting their operational system. Our solution is used by our customers for various uses cases: training of revenue management and pricing staff, testing of new forecasting methods, support during change management processes, simulation of competitor entries, simulation of changes in pricing and products strategies and many more.

Our supply chain management product offers seamless decision support across the entire process chain: our solution tracks your inventory and generates demand forecasts for farsighted procurement decisions. Based on your data, it calculates a Fair Market Value in order to support decision making. The calculation results can be enriched with real-time market data to take information of supply and demand into the valuation of your surplus parts.

With our experienced consultant team and global network we support our customers by developping sustainable solutions and provide support for challenges along the commercial process chain. Among others our core competencies are the combination of IT development and business skills in the areas of revenue managment, pricing and sales.

With more than 3000 succesfully trained participants over the last years, we offer a variety of revenue managment and sales related trainings and documentation – also in combination with our unique Revenue Management & Pricing simulator.